Snakes in North Florida Pictures

What kind of snake is this? (North Florida)? Seen in North Florida swimming. Sorry for the picture not being of the best quality.
I live in South Florida, I saw a 3 foot long, thin black snake, what kind is it?
Show a picture of this snake.
What snake is this [no picture]?
there is a snake in my back yard I keep seeing it. is all black with little orange spots on its back I would like to know because I have 3 dogs and I don't want them to get bitten i live in flo...
What snakes are the same coloring as the mangrove snake and can be found in North Fl.?
I saw this beautiful guy escaping under my house and after much reasearch the only snake I can find that looks like him is the mangrove snake. I live in North FL. I can only think this beauty used ...
What type of snake is this?
me and my friend were exploring in woods in a river on foot when a black snake with 2 grey stripes hopped into the water frightened to death we ran for our lives soaking ourselfs what type of snake...
I live in Florida. Almost stepped on a coral snake. I hear that their venom is super deadly. Is this true?
i understand that they are the only elapids in North America and are related to cobras. Their poison is in powerful concentrated small doses. And I hear that they make for terrible pets because the...
I found a snake on my porch what kind is it? (From Florida)?
It was about 7inches long... prob a baby or young snake. Grayish brown color with reddish blotches on it. Black pupils with a red iris... What kind of snake is it and it is poisonous?
Would this be suitable for a corn snake?
Welll i found this picture:
Help identifying a snake?
I live in north/western Florida and found a snake this morning. It was roughly a good long, it did not seem overly aggressive. Can someone help me identify it. Picture here:
What Snakes Are Not Venomous?
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