Rattlesnake Den Pictures

Rattlesnakes - Willamette Valley Southern?
According to the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife, there aren't many rattlers in either range - Cascades or Coast range - but their map shows that they do have range in the valley part of Lane ...
Field herping tips?
I'm a beginning herper. The prairie rattlesnakes are just emerging from their dens here in Montana. Anyone more experienced in herping have any advice for successfully locating rattlers? In ...
What does this line mean, from Joanna Newsom's 'Only Skin'?
Granted, it's a song, but I thought this might be a better area in which to ask the question. What is a "half-word"? Last week, our picture window Produced a half-word, Heavy and...
Do Christians have bias or hate towards snakes because the snake is evil in the bible?
Serious question, lol. It's been in the back of my mind.
Can you give a scientific explanation on the senses of detecting in snakes?