can you kill a rattlesnake

Can you kill rattlesnakes with an Aluminium Phosphide fumigant?
I've added it to an underground hole, known to house rattlesnakes. Yes, I've checked wikipedia.
Can all rattlesnakes kill you?
by all i mean every type of rattle snakes
Can a rattlesnake kill a cat?
can a rattlesnake kill a cat i really want to know this
Can a rattlesnake bite kill a pig?
Can a rattlesnake kill itself by biting itself?
I need some information on rattlesnakes i already googled it and looked in books i need websites
Do Bull Snakes kill Rattlesnakes?
I'm just curious, somebody told me that Bull Snakes kill and eat Rattlesnakes. Is this an old wives tale? We have lots of beautiful Bull snakes and Western Yellow-bellied Racers at our place.
can they shoot out poison? ...or is the only way they inject the poison through the bite? if you don't know, please don't submit an answer. thanks. :)
Can a bite from another rattlesnake kill a rattlesnake?
if a rattler accidentally bites itself or another rattler will it kill them?
I just found a BIG rattlesnake in my barn. Fantastic. I've never even seen rattlers near our property before so that's disturbing. I got about 3 feet from the sucker before he even rattl...

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One snake can be taken annually with a valid permit, but the snake must be at ... It is unlawful to hunt, take or kill timber rattlesnakes (even with a valid timber ...
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The experience of having snakes in and around the house can be compared to ... Imagine you are going into the garden and suddenly encounter an unwanted .... Some people choose spraying insecticides all over the area to kill the insects.
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That said, if you do kill a snake, or find one dead, don't let it go to waste. The snake in ... 1 Note that snakes can also die from eating poisoned rodents. You dont ...
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A snake may kill several prey, one after another, and of different species. ... Rattlesnakes can regulate the amount of venom they inject when they strike. ..... What you wanted to know about all you ever heard concerning snake repellents. Proc.
Coping With Snakes - Colorado State University Extension
Nonpoisonous and poisonous species can be easily distinguished from each other. ... If you are confronted with a rattlesnake, remain calm and still at first, then try to ... According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, it is legal to kill rattlesnakes  ...
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Sep 12, 2012 ... After a while, I became violently ill in every way that you can ..... "Venomous [ snakes] are not illegal to kill when posing an imminent threat.
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Jan 11, 2013 ... Snakes this big are a concern because they can eat almost anything. It's also a sign that the invasive species is surviving for a long time in the ...
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Scientists have identified 36 rattlesnake species; Rattlesnakes live only in North and ... Up to 51" long; Color can vary greatly from nearly white to pink, gray or brown; Color often matches their surroundings ... Can't find what you're looking for?
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Here are a few ways you can help keep the timber rattlesnake from these ... Laws protecting this endangered specie prohibit the killing of timber rattlesnakes.
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Jan 5, 2008 ... From hedgehogs to snakes. ... They are immune to cobra venom, which is highly neurotoxic for humans (it paralyzes you, killing you by suffocation). The honey badger can kill extremely dangerous venomous snakes, like the ...