can you kill a rattlesnake

Can you kill rattlesnakes with an Aluminium Phosphide fumigant?
I've added it to an underground hole, known to house rattlesnakes. Yes, I've checked wikipedia.
Can all rattlesnakes kill you?
by all i mean every type of rattle snakes
Can a rattlesnake kill a cat?
can a rattlesnake kill a cat i really want to know this
Can a rattlesnake bite kill a pig?
Can a rattlesnake kill itself by biting itself?
I need some information on rattlesnakes i already googled it and looked in books i need websites
Do Bull Snakes kill Rattlesnakes?
I'm just curious, somebody told me that Bull Snakes kill and eat Rattlesnakes. Is this an old wives tale? We have lots of beautiful Bull snakes and Western Yellow-bellied Racers at our place.
can they shoot out poison? ...or is the only way they inject the poison through the bite? if you don't know, please don't submit an answer. thanks. :)
Can a bite from another rattlesnake kill a rattlesnake?
if a rattler accidentally bites itself or another rattler will it kill them?
I just found a BIG rattlesnake in my barn. Fantastic. I've never even seen rattlers near our property before so that's disturbing. I got about 3 feet from the sucker before he even rattl...