uses of mangroves in the philippines

What types of white mangrove do we have.?
animals without limbs that live in fresh water
What is the use of magrov trees ?
What Are the importance or roles of the land resources to philippines' development?
i refer to philippines as the whole country. and i need examples. tnx
What is the natural resources of the philippines?
Compare Philippines to any european country?
Is there any more fishes in philippines ?
my mom said there isnt lolx.
What are plants and animals that are endemic to the Philippines?
When you answer please cite your source if you are using one. If you didn't know, endemic means natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place.
Can I use eco earth for the land part of my mudskipper tank?
Is it safe? and can I train them to eat out of bowl
How do i make a palapa.. well not the whole thing just the palm leaf roof?
Could you HELP ME finding a PLANT tha grows in FILIPINAS?
The name of the PLANT is BRUGUIERA SEXANGULA and is a MANGROVE, I think that one of its names is TUMU BERAU. Here ar a few links.

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