uses of mangroves in the philippines

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What Eats Mangroves?
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What Types Of White Mangrove Do We Have.?
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What Are The Importance Or Roles Of The Land Resources To Philippines' Development?
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What Are Plants And Animals That Are Endemic To The Philippines?
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Can I Use Eco Earth For The Land Part Of My Mudskipper Tank?
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Thinking Of Buying Eskrima Sticks Made From Cocobolo, Should I?
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Other Resource

Mapping The Philippines' Mangrove Forests Using Landsat Imagery
This study, part of a global assessment of mangrove dynamics, mapped the spatial distribution and areal extent of the Philippines' mangroves 
People And Mangroves In The Philippines
Historical changes in mangroves and their use were examined in Bais Bay and of a highly restricted natural distribution and by competing land uses (coastal 
Mangrove Management Handbook
Coastal Resource Management Project, Cebu City, Philippines. 96 p. Chapter 1: The importance of mangroves Other uses and activities (A1-A50).
Mangroves And Estuaries
Mangroves have many uses, providing large quantities of food and fuel, One hectare of mangroves in the Philippines can yield 400 kilos of fish, shrimps, crab-.
Ecological And Economic Value Of Mangroves
By visiting the mangroves, you can watch the shrubs, the birds and the crabs. In southeast Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia 
Mangrove Structure On The Eastern Coast Of Samar Island, Philippines
information on the ecological uses of mangrove in the protection of the Realizing the ecological importance of mangroves, Local. Government Units have 
Managing The Mangroves Of Panguil Bay, Philippines
In the News. Panguil Bay is a shallow sea bay at the head of Iligan Bay, with extensive intertidal mudflats and mangrove swamps. Acknowledging the 
Mangrove Zonation And Utilization By The Local People In Ajuy And
the resource uses in Ajuy and Pedada Bays, Panay Island, Iloilo, Philippines. Vegetation zonation of the mangroves, a frequently conspicuous feature, has