uses of mangroves in the philippines

What types of white mangrove do we have.?
animals without limbs that live in fresh water
What is the use of magrov trees ?
What is the natural resources of the philippines?
Is there any more fishes in philippines ?
my mom said there isnt lolx.
What Are the importance or roles of the land resources to philippines' development?
i refer to philippines as the whole country. and i need examples. tnx
What are plants and animals that are endemic to the Philippines?
When you answer please cite your source if you are using one. If you didn't know, endemic means natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place.
Can I use eco earth for the land part of my mudskipper tank?
Is it safe? and can I train them to eat out of bowl
How do i make a palapa.. well not the whole thing just the palm leaf roof?
Thinking of buying Eskrima sticks made from Cocobolo, should i?
theyre 55.00 for a pair. the most expensive ive seen yet in eskrima sticks, made from the heartwood of cocobolo, everyone i talked to said its really exotic and hardwood. what do...
What is a tiger's habitat like?

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Mangroves, nature's shield against typhoons and tsunami
Dec 4, 2013 ... The communities use various formal and informal rules and ... replant more mangroves, such as those planned in the Philippines, are laudable.
The Mangrove Communities of... - Coral Cay Conservation
The mangroves of the Philippines have declined by 75% over the past 80 years ..... Bandaranayake, W.M. (1998) Traditional and Medicinal uses of Mangroves.
Mangroves « Ocean Focus
Mangroves are a collection of salt-tolerant evergreen trees that live in tropical and ... A large majority of juvenile fish would go onto spawn and use the mangrove ...
Economic valuation for sustainable mangrove ecosystems ...
Aug 9, 2013 ... The study used the total economic value as a framework for estimating ... of the different uses of mangroves in Palawan and Bohol, Philippines.
Philippines Plans Mangrove Forest to Protect Coasts From Storms ...
Nov 28, 2013 ... The Philippines has firmed up plans to develop a mangrove forest ... Around 80% of the project's budget will be used to pay residents who will ...
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These communities also collect medicinal plants from mangrove ecosystems and use mangrove leaves as animal fodder. Recently, the forests have also been ...
WWF - Mangrove forests: threats
The figure is as high as 50% in countries such as India, the Philippines, and ... Overharvesting: Mangrove trees are used for firewood, construction wood, wood  ...
Mangroves are PH's best shield vs climate change - Rappler
Oct 2, 2013 ... But the original 500000 hectares of mangroves has whittled down to 100000 ... Manila Bay used to have more mangrove forests," said Pollisco.
Growth Performance of Planted Mangroves in the Philippines ...
of Philippine mangroves has been massive (1–8). Some 337 000 hectares .... uses and interests (i.e., available intertidal sandflats mudflats, and/or seagrass ...
People and mangroves in the Philippines - Cambridge Journals
Jun 14, 2002 ... mangroves and their use were examined in Bais Bay and Banacon Island ... many countries, including the Philippines (Brown & Fischer. 1918 ...